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The Creature Known as Frisk (Part 4 of 4)


Ending Part 4 of 4. "Let’s go, hand in hand, to whatever the future may be. As the murdering friends we know each other to be.”- Frisk


21 min read

Published: 06 Sep 2020



I didn’t interact with it again. It constantly just went on its way. It was, there was, what was the point? Unstoppable. Undyne even attacked. Alphys held out and watched the fight, but I didn’t need to know what was going on. She couldn’t beat it.

Naw. Actually, she probably did. She probably did several times but we just don’t remember it. That’s how human determination worked. Strong determination. But, there it all went.

But. I just waited. In Judgment Hall. Did I even need to take two seconds to look at its LOVE? It was a terrible creature. It never let anything pass, not one thing. There wasn’t a shred of hope that maybe it would turn good. This thing. It was all coming to pass.

So when it shambled in, I knew it was my turn. My turn to probably fall, but I’d give it hell. I’d do everything I could. I was the last chance. Which was pretty bad, if someone like me was the last chance. I fought it, and I talked to it, hoping it would make a difference. I know, hopeless. Pointless thing to do, but everything was pointless now.

When everything was pointless, but everything was on the line, then you just had to go with the pointlessness.

Then, something was starting to . . . crack. Its expression changed. Questioning. It looked like it was questioning. Still though, it fought, and it was going to fight. I wasn’t granting a way out past me, without killing me. Because in the end, I’d go anyhow. Just like everyone else.

And as I started to nod off, I tried to fight it. I put all my energy into keeping this thing down. But, I couldn’t . . . not forever. And then . . .