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The Creature Known As Frisk


11 min read

Published: 04 Sep 2020



“Hey there.” I waved to some teenagers getting out of monster school. “Hot dog? Hot cat?” Ah, no biters. Dang. I just stayed behind my post, and watched everyone go around doing something with their lives. I held out a hot dog to another teenager. “Come on, first one’s free?”


I looked back toward Alphys and Papyrus. “Just the first one, it was a gimmick. I knew they’d want more.” Well, no, I was just trying to get some conversation. This was a dead end kind of area. Now, New Home, that was a place to set up some hot dog selling. They’d sell like hot dogs. Heh heh.

“We aren’t here about that,” Papyrus said. “Alphys wants to show you something. It’s. A little disturbing. And I won’t lie, a bit scary.”

“Huh. Okay.” I left the post and headed off to Alphys lab with Papyrus. She brought us over to a great big computer. Ooh, flashy. Something big and flashy to convey importance.

“It’s. Timelines.” Alphys pointed to the computer. There were several lines on it, each of them beating yellow with numbers. “The infamous Gaster’s work. It. It made its presence known.”

“For two weeks,” Papyrus complained to Sans. “She kept it to herself for two weeks!”

“Maybe she doesn’t like sharing secrets with Skeletons?” I asked my brother. I looked straight at her. “Don’t worry. We understand keeping skeletons in closets.”

Alphys humored me with a light smile, but it didn’t really hit. Which was weird. Monsters loved puns, and that was a dang good pun.