The Girl and The Imp - Part 3


Leana was now being dragged away to the depths of the sea, which would be more worrying if she couldn't breathe. What is in the water that lets her live, and how is it's charging her phone?


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Published: 15 Aug 2020

Testing if this lake has wifi...nope, nothing.
With this one and her last messages not seeming to go through, she put the phone back in her pocket. Somehow, the charging thing was still on the battery, and the battery percentage was still going up. She decided to turn on the flashlight, however, she was shown something horrifying.
She was no longer in the lake. At some point while she wasn't paying attention, she had been taken down a tunnel under the ground. There was no water above her, just hardened soil and sediment that could cave in at any time. She screamed as hard as she could, but her voice could only carry so far in the murky water.
At last, she was pulled out of the water, Leana coughing out all the water that she had in her nose and mouth while she was breathing. She crawled further away from the edge, collapsing on hard rock to catch her breath.
She saw the tentacle unwrap itself from her leg, retreating back to a potted plant that seemed full of them. Why there was one in a place like a underground cave, she didn't seem to know.
With her flashlight on, she started to explore around the cave, looking in each specific corner that she could. The first thing she came across was what looked like a boy, laying down asleep in the corner. He had pinkish and purple-ish horns that looked about 7 inches in length, placed on each side of his head, and small purple (and slightly grey wings) on his back. He work a purple top that cut off at the middle of his upper body, leaving his abdomen and belly button exposed to the elements. His lower half was covered by his blanket, but Leana that she saw a bit of tail that was slowly moving under it.
As anyone would do, she snapped a picture of him, made fun of the mascara designs around his eyes and continued on.
The next thing she found was a sort of console. She looked around the buttons, finding one that seemed to start it. She shielded her eyes as a green portal appeared in front of her, her bedroom slowly coming into focus like a picture from an old camera. She did not know how, but her escape route had fallen right into her lap, and she could go back home, and forget everything that happ-
"You're leaving?" she heard someone say beside her. It was the horned boy, looking up at her as she put on leg through the portal.
She paused for a second, before continuing her move through the portal. He grabbed her hand, stopping her from completely going through the portal. "Can you at least take this with you?" He said, holding up a wrapped present with his tail. She nodded and just took it with her through the portal, the boy waving and smiling as the portal closed behind her.