Chapter 19 – Silver Lining


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Published: 02 Jul 2020


From smiling to heavily panting. Turan turned pale and his body fell on the floor, motionless.

Zax released a bated breath. He succeeded. His experiment was affective! Previously, when Turan punched his left shoulder, he might have unintentionally sent the soul energy that dwelled in his arm through Turan’s fist. If that was the case, then it was comprehensible that the alien energy did not carry a malicious intent and its effect was meager and only stopped Turan for a short second without causing any harm.

This time, however, Zax deliberately aimed his soul energy as a form of attack against Turan’ soul. It did not go easy, though, for the third time in one day Zax had to reach his limits and that was only to manipulate a tiny stream of energy to the palm of his hand. Just when the energy left his body and entered Turan’s, Zax could feel a relief. It was then carried solely by its objective and, for that reason also, was out of his control.

The stream of energy struck the defenseless blur that was Turan’s soul and a shockwave spread across his consciousness. The pain was beyond what a ten years old boy could comprehend. One moment he had a clear sight on his opponent, the other a veil of nothingness engulfed his very existence.

In terms of soul’s power, Turan was inferior to Zax without a doubt. His Qi level was approximately at the Advance phase of level H, which meant that his soul was at least at that level, as well, but since it was due to Qi training and not soul training it would have been too absurd if he could match Zax who specifically and almost relentlessly indulged only in the latter.

“Turan Ram!” Before any of the juvenile spectators could fully express their confusion and disbelief a hasty voice burst through the door that lead to the fifth floor from the stairwell and a middle age man with brown short air and in a purple suit suddenly appeared next to Turan.

The man was in a frenzied frame of mind. He touched Turan’s head and for a few seconds did nothing but being by his side.

“Sir, Em Ram, yes, the stairwell of the fifth floor. Yes, little Turan Ram’s condition has stabilized”. The man talked to a hidden Caller and stood up with Turan lying in his arms. “Stay where you are”. His stern voice resonated as far as the last kid from the Molten Core’s group and where Serah and Dane stood at. It possessed a binding pressure which none of them could refute, a force that forbade them to move to save their lives.

Zax, who was the closest to the man in the purple suit, suffered the most. After the fight concluded he could not disregard the physical and mental fatigue anymore. Even the seats were no longer on his mind. In spite of this, the pressure from the strange man was too overwhelming, too much to even forget the pain in his arms, as if the man knew how strong Zax’s soul was and so consumed a little bit more force to compel him to the command.

Less than two minutes had passed before another, red hair black eyes, man entered the stairwell.