Chapter 18 – Crossing To The Advanced Phase Of Level G


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Published: 01 Jul 2020


“Don’t look at me like this”. Turan smiled disdainfully at Serah and rightfully so. Who was he? What kind of statues and background did he have? Does a simple girl have the right to utter a word of objection against him?

Without a doubt he, and right next to him, his band of little friends, was a self observed little brat. Being at the top ten of his grade last year and receiving the conformation of passing the entire requirements to enroll to the post Core program of fourth grade in Molten Core, intensified Turan’s arrogant attitude toward anyone he deemed below him, especially kids in his age who could not use their Qi.

“Hmm… I have an idea”, Turan’s eyes shone brightly and as if shared a mental message with his friends, the other six, including Dugo who just got up, smiled and moved to his side. “My dad says “Good things come to better people”, and I always followed and believed in his words. So here is a proposal to see which of us is the Better with the right for these Good seats. Agree right now and I tell you the proposal or give up the seats, what do you say?”

Serah and Anet helped Dane up quietly and right after seeing how formidable Turan is, Zax also remained silence. They were the ones who waited bound for hours at the fifth floor, unable leave it just so that they will have good seats during the official exhibition fights. Agreeing to Turan’s sly offer without knowing what it is, none of them believed that even if their side will turn out to be the winner the arrestment from the other side will stop.

“Fine, fine, we agree if it’ll be a fair proposal. You are seven while we are just four…” Dane took his friends by surprise. As the one who was hurt the most they expected him to not search any more troubles. Little did they know how frustrated Dane was. He did not care about being a great Mist User or being one at all, so being counted as strong was not his virtue. But he could not stand it when someone disrespected him or his friends. At the begging he was not more than a foul mouth boy, but after getting punched he wanted to shame the group of condescending shit eaters in their own game.

“It will be fair, don’t concern yourself about this. If you’re agreeing does that mean you three also agree?” Turan asked and shifted his devious gaze to Zax, Serah and Anet.

“We should not… Serah he’s scaring me”. Anet softly began to shade tears and avert he face from the Molten Core’s group. From her three companions, she was closest to Serah. The two were good friends in class and outside of it. Her friendship with Zax and Dane was only a recent development due to Serah’s encouragement to join and get to know them when she was with them. In a state of helplessness, the person she was familiar with the best was definitely Serah, and so only in her she could confide growing her fears.

“Dane isn’t stupid; he just likes to act goofy”. Serah celebrated her tenth birthday at the beginning of the month. She was a ten years old trying to support another ten years old in a situation she herself was not confident about. She swallowed her anxiety for the sake of her friend and trusted Dane and Zax to make the decisions for them. “When he wants to he can be very reliable, Zax, also”.

“But what if it’ll be something indecent?”

“Anet…” Serah was not sure what to say.