Chapter 17 – Teacher In Life And Martial Law


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Published: 30 Jun 2020


Zax’s temperament seethed like boiling water. From the first time they got back to the ring to now, this troubled girl has finally done it! Putting a show and blasting him away without a hint of carefulness brought immense desire to show her who is the better one.

“Her Qi is so strong”, Zax admitted to himself. “But Take’s no weaker”. In that he was certain.

Just who was Take for Zax? No less than an older brother figure! And who was his Mor? None other than his big sister! Granted, ever since they made acquaintances Zax saw Take train strictly in accordance with to the guiding principles of the current stage that he tackled in the Radical Fiery Icy Provocation Qi refining technique and with barely any fuss like the one Masela just made. But, was this all?  Far from it! From what which Zetsa enabled Zax to learn he could fully understand. That which Zetsa passed to her Tal was an advanced Qi refining technique that even she was a long way from mastering.

Did that brown skin girl trained in the same level technique? Even if she did Zax was confident with his evaluation and comparison of her to Take and so the conclusion came clear. “Take is superior to this brash girl, and so could I be!”

As the two silhouettes kept moving in speed too high for the naked eye to perceive accurately, Zax just stood there unshaken in the edge of the ring like an unmovable steel pillar. In terms of Qi, Zax never trained in any particular Qi refining technique and never could sense it on his own. For the first time in a fight Zax decided to rely on the force that he did trained.

How did one perceive the Qi or mist energy of the opponent? As a tool meant to enhance external capabilities of the body. In the early stages, which even Mist Users struggle to surpass, the Qi or mist energy can form a layer which raises a few levels the user’s physicality and even the five senses. In other words, provide stronger external attacks and defense.

Zax could not use his Qi and was nearly a year far from attaining mist energy. What Zax had was an extraordinary strong soul!

Closing his eyes Zax sank into the depths of his consciousness. Confronting the blur that was his soul, Zax used his intent to tap into its power. A chilly light passed through his eyes when he opened them again and a serene smile indicated his satisfaction. Where there disadvantages for him to worry about? Certainly. Did he worry? Not one bit.

Similar to the one support factor of Qi and mist energy, not all utilizations of the soul’s energy depleted it. To make it simple to understand, just like to contain a great amount of Qi and, more commonly, mist energy can the energies indefinitely improve the physical structure of the body by the natural refining of the mist energy or by certain techniques… The benefits of soul training, to better sustain its growth, can and will naturally improve the outer and inner mind in addition to greatly influence not five but six senses.

From the F level of Mist Users, one became capable of dividing the perception of the outer and inner mind. The purpose of the outer mind is for daily use. Since the world move at a specific pace, one cannot always heighten the senses otherwise time would stand still. On the contrary, the purpose of the inner mind is to constantly be in maximum performances. Generally it may sound straining, but once a person becomes a Mist User the roles of the outer and inner mind emerged as second nature.