Chapter 16 – Invitation For A Fight


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Published: 29 Jun 2020


Clergyman raised an inviting hand toward the fat middle age man and smiled. “You look like a good proficient fellow”. It was hard to say if he was mocking the man or recognize something in him, which to everyone else but the fat man seemed very unlikely.

“Haha… See, son, among all the people here, it is your father that a professional fighter deemed a worthy opponent”. The fat man told to the boy beside him who also shared a proud smile of been the son of the only man Clergyman called forward.

“Mr. Clergyman, my name his Dodo Korseski”. Mr. Korseski climbed sluggishly onto the ring and took a fighting stance. “Please instruct me to the best of your ability”. He felt the need to say it out of delusional courtesy.

To the side of Zax and Anet people began to murmur once again.

“That Clergyman, is he out to embarrass a member of the Korseski family?” Some woman said.

“Look at him, is he not a F level Mist User? How can he be so impudent?”

“Does it matter? I’m sure Clergyman knows what he is doing”.

“Fat imbecile…”

The audience was divided to either those who resented Dodo Korseski actions and manner, those who assume that Clergyman’s invite was part of the event and others will be called next for a chance to stand in the same ring with a professional fighter and those who did not think much and just wanted to see what will happen.

“Here I come”. Clergyman announced and made his first move.