Chapter 15 – The Young Mist Users Conference


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Published: 28 Jun 2020


Thirty one days of vacation in the month of August were given to every boy and girl as a respite between the school year which ended and the next school year which followed.

After the graduation ceremony Zax got back home with his parents, already planning to spend the whole month at his big sister’s place, training in the Inner Spirit formation.

To his great disappointment, Zax’s parents had a different idea in the matter of how he should spend these precious vacation days. There was no chance that they would have let him shut himself in for a whole month. Regardless to the kind of training that he practiced, the support the he received from their eldest daughter and the unique attributes that even they could see in him… As adults and parents to the boy, in their opinion it would have been unhealthy and irresponsible to let a nine years old engage in a closed doors training for the length of thirty one days. If by training in Zetsa’s methods his soul will be refined, then by having a proper child’s life his social values will improve and his personality will blossom to those of a decorous member of society.

And so Laylen and Marco struck a deal with their son. Zax will be allowed to train everyday up to ten hours, which was the equivalent of a long school day. The remaining fourteen hours of a day he will have to devote to reading, at least one hour of the day. Another two hours to catch up with his friends, better if he will go meet them. At least an hour in the company of his parents, which will be in the late evening, after the both of them will get back from work. And the rest of what was left of the day he will spend sleeping, or in Zax’s case, performing a Somnolence Meditation.


August fourteen, year 5784.

A few days back Zax received an invite from Serah to join her on a trip to cave nineteen along with her mom and two others of their friends. The main destination of the trip was to the Young Mist Users Conference that was held annually in either cave nineteen in El-Eden, cave one hundred and seventy one in Tongguo or cave four hundred and ninety nine in Shitou.

The Young Mist Users Conference was a prestigious event that was meant for the high end of Kingdom Earth’s coreless population to attend. Generally, high class children who were about to enroll to the first year of a post Core School would come and have the chance to present themselves in front of the scouts of great schools, receive guidance while having the opportunity to sample cold and hot Martial weapons, obtain pointers and advices from visiting experts, watch demonstrations of advanced techniques and even participate in mock battles with professional fighters from the Earth’s Core’s showdowns competitions, which were advertised by the Strong Arm League.

Naturally, such a big event was something that middle class families, such as Zax’s, his friends’ or any other family from cave twenty five , could not afford to buy the tickets to and provide their children this exclusive opportunity. But as it turned out, sometimes luck can very well make up for lack of money.