Chapter 14 – Celebrations, Protests, Departure And Graduation


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Published: 27 Jun 2020


Day after day, week after week, Zax invested every free moment of his time in training whether in the Inner Spirit formation or meditation.

In the first week he trained only twice, at Sunday and Wednesday, in the Inner Spirit formation. Each training session was like the first one he had after Zetsa modified the formation. He sat on the white mattress cross-legged, chanted the words that activate the formation and after couple of hours woke up with barely enough time and energy to get back home at an appropriate hour.

The rest of the week Zax reserved for meditation. The results of two sessions in the Inner Spirit formation were substantial. Zax’s consciousness was overflowing with the small icy grains. Thankfully, after Zetsa helped him to dismantle and merge the leftover grains from his first sessions, Zax became much more experienced with the process and his soul slightly evolved to be capable to handle the great amount of grains.

The following month Zetsa did not tested Zax and on the contrary, allowed him the peace of mind to train without interruptions from her side. Just like she predicted, after advancing to the intermediate phase of level G and obtaining an acute awareness to the existence of the Inner Spirit formation’s fragments, the icy grains, Zax’s advancement was brilliant – partly because of his natural affinity to the requirements of soul refining techniques and was training in one of the most astute among them, regardless of its class, a high level illusionary formation.

After one month, the length of time Zax had to tackle the frost illusion and the passage of time outside of the formation have slightly equalized. None the less, each session in the Inner Spirit formation ended as usual for Zax. His body slowly froze until it eventually fell apart to many pieces and then a surge of warm energy defrosted his frozen parts and brought him back from the illusion, completely exhausted.

On the contrary, meditation gradually turned out to be a lot nimble as Zax repetitively practiced it in any given moment he was not bound by prior commitments. Even sleep time became a chance for Zax to continue meditating after Zetsa taught him how to perform the basic technique of Somnolence Meditation.

As Zax’s soul got stronger the true benefits in his daily life, which were the consequences of merging with all the blue white dust, began to show. In school, during classes of which Zax had zero interest in, the sharpening of the soul also sharpened his mind and so even by not paying attention intentionally or day dreaming out of boredom he was able to grasp and interpreted the meaning of sounds and sights around him. Furthermore, subjects Zax had hard time understanding suddenly turn out to be clearer and more logical.

In the company of his teachers, friends, and parents and in general, all the people around him, Zax attitude underwent a significant change as well. From a rather timid, selective and secluded boy he grew to be more composed, poised and confident.


June twenty seven to June twenty nine, year 5784.