Chapter 12 – A Doting Parent’s Request


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Published: 25 Jun 2020


Before talking about how long it takes to a practitioner to master the third stage of the Radical Fiery Icy Provocation Qi refining technique, a word of warning must be said. From the four stages of this lurid technique, the third phase of the third stage is the most dangerous! Roughly one out of a one hundred thousand practitioners will have the natural affinity to practice and not suffer the disastrous consequences of this technique.

So how long it takes to master the third stage? Regardless of the practitioner’s Martial talent, the period of time it takes to complete this stage is bluntly unknown. Even the prodigy Zetsa could not avoid being among the remaining ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine who lack the natural affinity. The results were she being stuck at the last phase of the third stage for more than eight years, and the only thing that made her exceptional in her group was her unique dexterity in handling the chaotic mist energy that will settle down once she will advance to the fourth stage.

Lastly there is the fourth stage of the Radical Fiery Icy Provocation Qi refining technique, The Endless Path Of Fire And Ice. Once reaching this stage the sole aim of a practitioner is to the convert the properties of either hot or cold to his or her mist energy\aura, then enrich and intensify them.

At that point, there are countless methods of training and the Martial path is never ending. But that was something that Zax was still too immature to comprehend.

The Radical Fiery Icy Provocation Qi refining technique is a top tier as well as extremely rigorous among the Qi refining techniques, therefore one that should not be exercised recklessly and without an expert instructor which at least reached the fourth stage.

Zetsa, with all due respect to the great talent that she is, being in the last phase of the third stage could not be considered an “Expert” in the Radical Fiery Icy Provocation Qi refining technique. Yet, there were two reasons that made her confident enough to teach Take this technique. The first was her control over the chaotic mist energy which allowed her to interfere in case Take’s Qi will backlash forcefully against his Qi channels. The second was Take’s lack of talent in the Martial way that he could only make up by practicing a high level technique.

Holding Take’s hands Zetsa helped him balance his body’s temperature. That was the little help that she could provide him whenever he was about to exhaust himself. Supporting him sooner could have hindered his attempt to convey the characteristic of heat to the Qi and waiting too long could have resulted with Take too tired to continue for four to five days.

Take unconsciously held tightly his Mor’s hands. What followed was as if the two extremes that were pushing against each other inside of him have suddenly settled, and an undefined harmony was created. Rather than “Support”, what Zetsa provided her Tal was simply a break from his taxing training for as long as they would hold hands. The moment she would let go, Take’s endeavor to pass the first phase would resume until he will succeed or halt for this session. If he will choose the latter, a small backlash to his Qi channels will occur and for the next three days Take will be bedbound. On the bright side, his Qi channels will be tempered a bit by the characteristic of heat, so in his next training session he will be able to hold on longer on his own.

Allowing Take to resume his training, Zetsa returned to Zax. His outward appearance seemed like an ice statue of a young monk, cool and serene. His skin was pale blue and emitted cold steam.

“Surprisingly he is doing better than he claimed”. Zetsa thought to herself, impressed. “Another hour or two will be his outmost limit, though. I will let him keep going and assist him dismantling the rest of the grains so tomorrow he could have another go at the Inner Spirit formation with me by his side. I will use this chance to also check the protection formation I implanted in his body. It must have taken a great tool afterwards…”