Chapter 10 – Groundbreaking Vow


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Published: 23 Jun 2020


On a front seat, twenty something meters from the stage, an elderly female teacher stood up respectfully. “Young Lord, please forgive this old grandma, but what you said just now is unheard of”. The old teacher referred to herself as “Grandma” to justify her comment and to not offend the monstrous man before her.

“Young Lord, fostering the younger generation has always been the responsibility of us, the older generation. And when the day comes, when they are a step away from attaining a body and soul enlightenment, it is the Supreme Rulers’ blessing which direct them on their path of life…” Another teacher tried to reason. Listening to him, other teachers rose from their seats, nodding and sharing the same opinion.

For a short second the expression on Mortimer Dauch’s face showed disdain. He closed his eyes and opened them again with a smile. “Please take your seats”. He gestured courteously.

The teachers, which most were older or at the same age as Mortimer, felt something inside them, at the lower dantian. If not their minds, then their cores were the ones which gave recognition to Mortimer’s authority over them, and right after, they could feel it with all of their body and soul as well, how the demeanor of the young man on stage suddenly turned noble and imposing.

“It is very true”, Mortimer started saying and lowered his head. “Each year a new generation learns up close the history of our kingdom. They then receive a sentence or two of the Martial path from the Supreme Rulers and finally try their best to earn a proper Earth’s Core and cultivate it according to how they interpreted those sentences”. Mortimer described the matter and abridged it so that the students could understand what their teachers fuss about.

It was not a laughing matter to him either, but in recent years he began to see it as an issue that cramped the growth of the Martial path in humanity’s territory, compared to the amount of advanced experts in the beast’s territory. Since birth he followed his father’s teaching and those of the other two Supreme Rulers and at this point in his life he gained enough insight and encountered a new threshold in his training that allowed him to construct a new passageway that he believed, will raise in one level the potential of every generation that will decided to follow the Martial path.

“To restore the calm of the respected elders, I will let you in on this…” With a wave of his hand a long black hair pin appeared between his fingers like a chopstick. The hair pin had four golden decorations of a quill pen, an arm, an eye and a circle.

“The emissary’s token!” The teachers and the Historic Center’s attendants exclaimed in one breath.

The emissary’s token was far more than a beautiful hair pin; it bore the insignia of Supreme Ruler Ariel Dauch. It was given to every emissary for two reasons and none was for identification process. The first reason was negligible, that is for customary purposes. The second reason, on the other hand, was to symbolize the trust between the Supreme Ruler and his emissary. When revealing the emissary’s token, others must consider the presence and words of its bearer to be equal to the Supreme Ruler’s with no complaint.

Possessing it now did not just mean that Mortimer indeed was sent by Supreme Ruler Ariel, but also that he got his approval to inherit his duty.