Chapter 9 – Field Trip


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Published: 22 Jun 2020


Wednesday, two o’clock in the afternoon.

Zax arrived home from school, warmed a light meal and done his homework. He was still in his punishment period.

Inside Zax’s room. Like the day before, after washing the dishes and finishing his homework Zax sat cross legged on the bed, eyes closed. There was only one form of training his parents allowed him to perform once Zetsa explained and convinced them that it will help alleviate the strain on his soul – Meditation.

Following the guidance he received from his big sister, Zax started with some breathing exercises. With every breath he took in he concentrated more and more on the eerie sensation that gradually emerged in his head.

In truth, reaching the deepest aspect of the human being life form was not a deed probable by nine years old children, to say nothing of nine years old coreless children. For Zax to sense his soul was thanks to his time training in the Inner Spirit formation, even if that sensation was mostly vague and still, after eight months, unfamiliar and as a result a bit weird.

Next, Zax had to recollect his last session in the Inner Spirit formation and arouse the small fragments that the Inner Spirit formation’s energy signature left on his soul.

Inside the vast space of Zax’s consciousness, small icy grains began to appear in a spectacle that resembled the ceiling of cave twenty-five at night time, when the Nightly Cover formation is fully activated, but with fewer dots of light.

Focusing on one small icy grain at a time, Zax dismantled the grains using an invisible force that carried his intent. As soon as he finished working on one Zax waited while the grain, which now turned into a blue white dust, merged with his soul and refined it. Each time the dust and the soul touched, Zax’s body temperature dropped significantly. This is why he had to make intervals between grains and why in the span of four hours he only managed to dismantle sixteen dots of light out of the near one hundred that surrounded the distorted blur that was his soul.

Marco and Laylen Zel arrived home together at four o’clock, just like the day before. Due to the severity of Zax’s secret soul training, they decided for the remaining two days to present a united front in their strict approach. It was a mutual effort on their part since neither of them could look at their son’s bright brown eyes for long and not feel his or hers heart softens. To get back home at the same time, in his place of work Marco had to ask his boss an early leave for two days in a row and Laylen had to shorten her clinic open hours and accumulate her paperwork to Thursday.

Because Zax was not allowed to watch the Screen, they went to his room to find them. There, they saw him sitting in his meditative state like a log with its roots deep in the ground. On his desk Zax left for them his finished homework to show that he did not neglect them.