Chapter 8 – Three Types Of Children


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Published: 21 Jun 2020


Waking up Zax was joyful to feel his mom’s hand on his face and hearing her voice in the morning, even though the hand slapped him and the voice shouted.

“Wake up, honey. Your lunchbox is on the counter”. If she kissed him in the forehead and whispered softly Laylen was not his mother. That son of her would not wake up even during a Sun Stone storm, for him it will only be an excuse to skip school. “Get dress and go to school. I’ll see you at four”. She moved the curtain to allow light inside the room and pulled the covers off him before leaving for work.

Zax’s dad left home even earlier than his mom, so he was not able to bid him good day like he wanted to.

At the entrance to his class Zax halted before entering. “Wait!” Serah appeared running from the corner of the corridor. Behind her followed Mr. Ogler in slow steps.

“Wait for what?” Zax thought to himself and hurried inside to his sit, leaving the door to the class open for Serah.

“Good morning, Mr. Ogler!” All the students stood up and saluted as Mr. Ogler entered the class.

“Good morning. You may all sit”. Mr. Ogler nodded back and the school day began.

Ten minutes after recess, while in third period, Zax’s eyelids fell from a sudden exhaustion. He opened them and his head immediately started to spin, his vision became blurry and he felt nausea.

“Mrs. Dukreker, Zax looks like he is about to puke”. A pigtailed girl, seated left to Zax, notified Mrs. Dukreker, a young woman at the latter half of her twenties, out fear that he might puke on her.

The math teacher, Mrs. Dukreker, raised her gaze from the old computer’s screen on the teacher’s desk to check out Zax. “Oh my!” Mrs. Dukreker got up from her sit and approached Zax. She helped him straighten up and stand. “Anet, please accompany him to the nurse’s office”. She asked a blond hair green eyes girl that sat beside Zax.