Chapter 7 – Zetsa’s Inner Spirit Formation


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Published: 20 Jun 2020


Eight months ago.

Under the covers of his bed the small figure of eight years old Zax could be made as he lay, bitter. He was angry with his mom, angry with his dad, resentful toward Mr. Ogler, cursed half the kids in his school and hated himself. It was the outcome of a typical bad day for Zax, and he was currently grounded for fighting.

Waiting to Dane with Serah near the school’s gate at the end of the school day, to go back home together, four third graders passed them by with bored expressions. One of the four third graders noticed Zax and a grin spread across his face.

To not go into too many details as to why, the third grader called: “Earth’s Core Freak, how about you stop showing off at P.E. My little brother says that you annoy everyone. You are not your sister, so please just stay Earth’s Core freak, Earth’s Core Freak”.

Not much of an insult but enough to tick off eight years old Zax. He did not mind when his friend used the stupid nickname but was sick and tired of others using it to taunt him and more than anything hated to be compared to his big sister!

Hence, he beat up the third grader, and then he beat up the other three third graders when they intervened.

Not too far away from the scene of the brawl, it was Mr. Ogler’s turn to be on gate duty. Having to wait for the last kid to leave school before he or she could lock it and finish another day of work was a pain to every teacher. So when Mr. Ogler heard shouts and saw Zax leaning over some kid and punching him in the face while three other kids lying on the ground, one bleeding from his nose, two grabbing their groin in pain, it did not matter who started it, just who seemed to be the victim.

Mr. Ogler of course did not listen; he had zero tolerance for violence. He grabbed Zax by the collar of his shirt, yanked him off from the beaten kid and took him to the secretariat of the school to call his parents.

It ended with Zax’s mom coming from work to apologize for her child behavior and pick him up from school. Later, when his father got back home from work, he only scolded his son. As lenient as he was, he did not want some angry parent to sue his family because of hospital bills. He had to deal with this kind of troubles when his daughter was young and could not afford to repeat it. Obviously, today he can use her name once and others will have to give him face. But to exploit his daughter’s name because of a kids quarrel, how could he?

Knock! Knock! Knock!