Chapter 4 – The Next 849 Years – Part 2


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Published: 17 Jun 2020


Year 4925, seventy-five years before the new millennia, three humans made a blood oath for peace with two beasts, each side representing its own species.

“Your prediction was right, Raroken”. On the back of the giant dragon beast, Raroken, sat Raroma crossed arms. The two headed back to their tribe. “The three had the smell of other humans’ blood when they arrived; apparently there were disputes over the offer…”

“Human beings always the same, yet once in a while there are exceptions. In the near future mankind will experience turbulences and their numbers will decrease even more, then I predict that these three will take over and mend the wounds”.

“Indeed, it will be for the best if humanity grows stronger”.

“Being fickle and self-destructive and at the same time desire everything and have the ability to force the surroundings to adapt to them is a trait only humans have. How long it will take I cannot say, a thousand years? Ten thousand years? Eventually they will open a path for us…”

“For the Blue Sky”. Raroma said and gazed up, imagining the beyond of the tunnel’s ceiling and the bright Sun Stones that garnish it.

“For the Blue Sky”. Raroken agreed.

As the news about the deaths of the UGNE’s one hundred and ten leaders by the Three Generals’ hands had spread across humanity’s territories two factions began to form. One faction supported the reestablishment of the United Governments of New Earth and was founded by high rankers of the late UGNE, which were the leaders of the remaining two hundred and two colonized caves – out of the five hundred and twelve caves within humanity’s territory, two hundred were nature reserves. The second faction was much smaller but also much stronger since its leaders were the former Three Generals, now Supreme Rulers. They did not force any one to join their faction or threatened war with the other faction. The Supreme Rulers declared the one hundred and ten caves of the former UGNE’s leaders as their own territory, following them were most of the army’s commanders and even the Striking Spear and Diamond Shield units, which if going back a few days to the date of the coup, submitted easily to the Three Generals’ force and ideals and were the first to join the Supreme Rulers’ ranks. As for the one hundred and ten caves’ residents, they cared little if not at all about the former UGNE, the low tier more than anyone was tired of the long war. And when the word got out that the Supreme Generals singed a treaty with the beast that will permit over the next decade to every human of any age and gender in their territory to possess an Earth’s Core without paying the nominal fee that the UGNE still stuck to in their promises, people immigrated in waves to the Supreme Rulers’ territory, now known as the new world within New Earth, Kingdom Earth.

Losing their subjects, afraid that soon they will also lose their caves plot, the new UGNE sent its agents to Kingdom Earth to find and recruit back every Earth’s Core holder and Core Beaker that could be bought, in the end spending as much as ninety percent of its treasury. Of course, the Supreme Rulers were aware of the new UGNE’s actions, and allowed it to happen simply because they preferred their forces to be known for their quality and not their quantity.