Chapter 3 – The Next 849 Years – Part 1


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Published: 16 Jun 2020


An hour after Don left the Three Generals’ tent. “Big brother…” Second General and Third General said unanimously.

“Be on your guard”. First General respond.

The Three Generals left their camp an hour ago and were already on the outskirts of camp three seventy-two. The short time it took them to reach the camp is a testimony to their unrivaled power in the UGNE’s army. Sensing the two beasts’ immense aura all Three Generals become tense, it was like a vast mountain and far more than they expected.

In a few steps the Three Generals stood before the two beasts. “Please forgive us for the delay. Welcome to our three seventy-two camp”. First Generals greeted the beasts. To his left stood Third General and to his right Second General.

The humanoid beast nodded its head. “Gratitude for seeing us. My name is Raroma and this is my kin, Raroken. The two of us are the leaders of the Silverhorned tribe, one of the five tribes entrusted with the outer territory”. Raroma’s voice echoed in the Three Generals’ heads.

The Three Generals nodded in respect. “We three are the commanding generals of the UGNE, humanity’s full force”. Second General’s entire figure embedded with her aura was like a mighty ice storm, clearly the sight of the unconscious soldiers laying around infuriated her.

Neither Raroma nor Raroken seemed to be affected by Second General show of power. “The purpose of our visit is a proposal to humankind”. Although Raroma talked to all Three Generals, his attention was fixed on First General whom he felt was slightly stronger than the other two, yet still not a threat toward him or Raroken.

“A proposal? Now, after all these years…” Third General showed a grin. “Is it a letter of surrender?” He tried to loosen up his big brother and big sister, even if by pissing them off with his attitude. They will get annoyed and then breathe out their tension, as always. As obvious as it was to him from the beginning that he is the weakest among all five, in terms of quick thinking he was not inferior to his big brother and in most games of chess that they played he was the winner.

As Third General predicted, although the effect was more apparent on Second General, her aura turned to a warm breeze and was drawn back without her even responding to his , what could be considered in this situation, “Childish”  enquiry.

“Hahaha…” Raroma laughed. “Indeed, you might as well just call it that”. This time even Third General could not hide his surprise. “You wonder why?” He asked rhetorically.