Chapter 2 – Two Beasts


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Published: 15 Jun 2020


Year 4097, a hundred years after humanity first discovered the existence of what they named “Earth’s Core”. A hundred years of extreme searching without a method to follow by, with occasionally finding and then studding the small number of Earth’s Cores that were unearth within their borders. A hundred years with the highest records of theft and assassinations since the move to New Earth and ninety-eight years after the first human to possess the power of an Earth’s Core was murdered, the full report of the Earth’s Core’s research was published to the general public.

The first thing to amaze all avid readers was the report’s opening phrase, which was a quote of its lead researcher: “The Earth’s Core is mysterious”. Many were ensnared by these first words.

A hundred years of research and the end results starts with the word “Mysterious”, “How could that be?” Many asked in puzzlement. The only ones who were not surprised and did not pay much attention to the opening phrase were those who knew how difficult it was, and still is, to find the Earth’s Cores.

Continuing was a comparison of the Earth’s Core to the common Sun Stone. After digging an Earth’s Core and removing its earthly cover a small sphere with various earth tones, eight to fourteen centimeter in diameter, will be all that is left. The surface of the sphere is tougher than a diamond and smoother than a pearl, much like the six centimeter in diameter Sun Stones and larger. There are also no known methods for breaking the Earth’s Core with external forces, making it the hardest substance of any size known to man. Microscopic examination on the light brown mist inside the Earth’s Core preceded a breakthrough that allowed a higher understanding for why Nature supplied the Earth’s Core and Sun Stone, crystals of the same family it seems, such a hard surface. They were meant to contain extreme forces!

First was the Sun Stone, its brightness made it easy to find and so it was thought to be more common. In it a sun like energy is contained, also able to project exuberant rays of radiation that in the last thousands years helped human’s cells evolve to a stage where most diseases did not affect them.

Second was the Earth’s Core. Growing inside the earth it was clearly harder to find than the Sun Stone. Furthermore, of fear from Nature’s response, humanity had to hold back from turning New Earth upside down when searching for Earth’s Cores. Eventually, only a handful of Earth’s Cores were mined within humanity’s borders. Speaking about the mist inside the Earth’s Core, the one word all the researchers agreed upon unanimously was “Peculiar”. Access to the mist is possible only when one becomes attached to the Earth’s Core in his or her possession. The Earth’s Core would enter the owner’s body and settle itself in the infinite space of the lower dantian, a few centimeters below the navel. There, if done properly by meditating, the holder of the Earth’s Core will contact the mist inside the Earth’s Core and use it to break the now to be describe as “Shell”. The more cracks appears on the shell the more of its mist is excreted.

When the mist leaks out, it will then proceed through the body of the Earth’s Core’s holder and strengthen its internals, then go past the bones, skin and hair and make them stronger and flexible as well. At the end of the process, the miss will reenter the body again. This cycle will continue for twelve times until the mist will settle in the dantian and repeat the process, the same number of times, for each new crack that will appear on the Earth’s Core, but with greater amount of mist. There are also speculations that the Earth’s Core will also increase its holder’s life span.

“CAUTION!” The word was emphasized and a warning followed, explaining that if one avoids meditating early after the Earth’s Core enters the body and then, at some point in time, the dantian will suffer tremors, the shell will crack on its own and the first cycle of mist leaving and entering the body will start, accompanied by unimaginable pain to every part of the body and a great loss of blood.

The one part before last of the Earth’s Core’s report was the most astonishing. When the number of cracks on the shell will reach a certain amount, the shell would then crumble and will merge with the mist, increasing its volume and purity two folds, also changing its color from the previews dark brown to bright white. After This breakthrough the holder of the Earth’s Core, which turned to pure energy, shall gain the title “Core Breaker”, and for further advancement, will have to continue practicing by cultivating the mist energy through meditation.

Finally the last part of the report stirred the heart of every human who read it for good or for bad.